Ekobrew Reusable Filter for Single-Cup K-Cup Brewers

I found this article today, and wanted to save it, so I obviously blogged it. Well, I love the Keurig brewing system ever since I was introduced to one at my former employer!

But, I always hated two things, first the waste is astounding, the high cost of the K-Cups is just too high, and lastly… Well, there is no “lastly”!

I wanted to get a Keurig for my Parents. They have the nasty habit of brewing a full pot of coffee in the early morning, have one cup, then a few hours later, pour a cold cup of coffee from the pot and use the microwave to heat it up!!! Nasty in my opinion – but, to each their own (hi Dad)…

Besides, sometimes in the afternoon mom wants a cup of tea….

Well, you see how the Keurig would be just a great solution, if the cost were lower to operate. They are on a fixed income, and as you can see from the illustration below, the cost of K-Cups is just too high for a retirement, fixed income! And really, even though I still work, I’m not wasting an extra $100 a month on K-Cups either!

Well, enjoy the article, let me know what you think also!

~ Eric

Free your Keurig from K Cup Tyranny

Millions of Americans are in love with their Keurig single serve coffee makers… not everyone, however, is in love with the actual K cups themselves. Whether your main complaint is cost, waste or quality, K Cups have not satisfied every Keurig user. The only real drawback to the Keurig single serve system is that you’re obligated to use the K Cups – it’s like attaching a ball and chain to your nice sleek, convenient Keurig machine.

Now, thanks to the Ekobrew Reusable Filter, your Keurig can have the freedom it deserves. Choose any coffee you want – it’s finally up to you!

Ekobrew is the ideal alternative to Keurig K-cups. The patent pending Ekobrew is a reusable K-cup styled filter made specifically for Keurig single cup brewers. The Ekobrew is easy to use, easy to clean and allows Keurig users to enjoy the coffee of their choice. Combine Ekobrew and Coffee Bean Direct coffee and you’ll save over 75% over the cost of K Cups.

Simply fill the Ekobrew with ground coffee, close the lid and pop it into the Keurig holster just like a regular K Cup.

*We tested the Ekobrew and recommend an espresso grind. If you are buying ground coffee from Coffee Bean Direct request an Ekobrew grind. If you are grinding the coffee fresh at home, we recommend a #8 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the finest).

The K-Cup Debate infographic
From: Coffee Bean Direct


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