Forbes Real-Time Billionaires – Whos Up & Whos Down!!!

I just came across this great page on – it tracks Billionaire’s wealth live during a business week!

Sure, I’m not in “danger” of entering this list anytime soon, but it fun to take a look at who is “UP” and who is “DOWN”!!!


Forbes has been chronicling the ups and downs of the richest people on the planet for a quarter of a century, annually publishing the rankings of the 400 richest Americans and the World’s Billionaires. In recent years, thanks to leaps in technology and the internet, we’ve been updating those figures more frequently while also continuing to enrich and expand our wealth coverage.  Over the past year, we’ve built more than 2,000 wealth list profile pages that pull together real-time content, data, and social connections.

The release of our Real-Time Billionaires marks another leap forward.  We are now tracking the biggest gains and losses for the public holdings of a select group of high-profile billionaires. The value of the billionaires’ top public holdings, up to three maximum and each worth at least $700 million, are updated on a 15-minute delay every five minutes from the time the New York Stock Exchange opens at 9:30 until trading ends at 4 p.m. A rotating cast of the five winners and losers throughout the day is featured at the top of the page followed by the complete list of individuals listed in order of their March 2012 billionaire rankings.   Continue Reading


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