Google Announces Offline Maps, 3D Fly-over Views, and Street View Expansion

I was bowled over by these new 3D Google Maps – they have this new 3D Display technology luckily in my own backyard of San Francisco.

Go do a google maps search for Downtown San Francisco – then, be sure to click on the “Earth” view.  It will render amazingly good 3D modeled maps of the buildings and city scape!  Using the hand tool, then you can pan the area, do a rotation, all in 3D – just amazing!!!

Google’s Mapping team goes offline with mobile Google Maps, shows off backpack-sized Street View contraptions, and wows with new 3D fly-over technology.

By Mark Sullivan, PCWorld    Jun 6, 2012 12:25 pm

[Click to enlarge] Google announced Wednesday that its mobile version of Google Maps is going offline, Street View is going off road with a new backpack-sized camera, and Google Earth will soon be serving up eye-popping new 3D imagery that you’ll be able to “fly” above.

News of the Google Earth and Maps upgrades come a week before Apple is expected to dump Google as its default mapping technology on its iOS mobile platform. Perhaps Google’s intent was to show Apple what it was going to miss. And it did.

Eye Popping 3D Fly Overs

Google’s Google Earth team has been working hard over the past year to add “fly-over” capability to the product. Product manager Peter Birch demonstrated the new functionality by flying over some well known spots in San Francisco and viewing various angles of City Hall, Coit Tower and the Embarcedero.


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