Even Judges are Fed up with Patent Lawsuits

Eric’s 2-Cents:  I do believe in Intellectual Property Protection, so I take this article with a grain-of-salt.  However, Roger does make a good point and I do agree that some of these lawsuits are just nothing but nuisence suits – sell your royalties for the use of your invention, and if your invention becomes an Industry Standard, then be very proud of your success and contribution to “man-kind” and then take your royalties – but don’t be a jerk and sue to block competition!

by Roger Cheng  |  CNET  |  June 8, 2012 9:14 AM PDT

A few smart judges are throwing out patent complaints, or at least imploring that the two sides figure out a compromise, and that’s a good thing.

commentary [by Roger Cheng] We need more judges like U.S. Circuit Court Judge Richard Posner.

Yesterday, Posner scrapped a trial between Apple and Google’s Motorola Mobility slated to start in Chicago next week after he rejected the arguments for damages because neither side was able to prove it was harmed.

The move is a welcome breath of practicality in this increasingly muddled and litigious world of technology patent warfare. Beyond competing in the market, technology players have moved to the courtroom as a second front, using patents to distract competitors and even ban products from coming into the country.

While these companies see some strategic or monetary gain to be… Continue Reading


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