Eric’s 2-Cents:  This post if for my buddy, neighbor and Author Ruben Uriarte – who co-authored this book and several others on UFOs.  Enjoy!

Update:  Just heard from Ruben, and he told me: “Coincidentally we are working with the City of Presidio on a UFO conference.  Our web link is www.roswellbooks.com

Close ties between the sister cities  of Presidio and Ojinaga result in a strong Mexican influence in Presidio where restaurants offer delicious, authentic Mexican food and shoppers can enjoy visits to both sides of the border, as well as duty free shopping.  Presidio is the western gateway to Big Bend Ranch State Park, Fort Leaton and Big Bend National Park. The famed “River Road”, Highway 170 between Presidio and Lajitas, was designated by National Geographic as one of the most scenic drives in North America. Proximity to neighboring destinations such as Shafter Ghost Town on US 67, and Redford, Candlelaria and Ruidosa on FM 170, as well as the Chinati Hot Springs, makes Presidio a perfect base for your West Texas adventure. Explore the old rail stops and watering holes of Casa Piedra and Alimeda.  In dry conditions, two wheel drive with high clearance can navigate Casa Piedra Road to FM 169.  The 1000′s Ocotillo Cactus in Bloom and the vast vistas on Casa Piedra Road is an impressive sight.  Be sure to take your camera, plenty of water and a spare tire and jack, just in case.

Ruben’s Book “Mexico’s Roswell” is linked to the City of Presidio, Texas Web site:   http://cityofpresidio.com/blog/visit-presidio/


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