Okay – Have you heard about WCA (World Consumer Alliance)? Is it a SCAM too? Is it MLM?

UPDATE OCT 5, 2012:

Okay, I just logged in to my WCA account.

It has been almost 48 hours since my last login where I used my funds to repurchase ad units, so my earnings were reduced then down to $1.77.

This morning, 48 hours later, my balance to repurchase is $10.81 total, so, it only grew by roughly $9.00.

So, my Ad balance is/was $388.00, plus now an increase of $9.00 makes this only a 0.023 (or 2.3%) increase over 48 hours.  Which by a traditional investment’s standard, that is awesome!  But, certainly not the 10% I got my very first 24 hours when I first entered WCA about 2 weeks ago.

So far, my total Ad Profits’ gain has been: $109.31 and my total Un-Paid Balance gain has been: $28.98 (see screen-shot below):

So, as far as putting in originally $276.00 – and only over 2 weeks I have gained aprox 10% that I can physically withdraw from the system, I’m on track for a 20% pure profit gain per month!!!  This of course, in my opinion is not sustainable, and in my opinion it is rare to find a legitimate “investment” which can pay on these kinds of numbers – especially for 10s of Thousands of “Investor/Contributors” like WCA currently has, claiming over 60,000 members.

I just hope that I can pull out my original $276 plus some nice profit before this “system” falls apart.

~ Eric

Okay, so I was talking to my friend Deb this evening, and she told me I should let you see what we are involved with.  As a disclaimer, she is good friends with a WCA Company Direct, and also knows the owners.
My concerns were of course and my first questions were “Is WCA a SCAM”?  She directly assured me that no, it was not.  Being that I know she has a reputation for doing criminal background investigations, I felt a little at ease when she told me “no”.
But, then it nagged me, “well then Deb, is WCA a MLM deal – because you know how much I hate those also”!  Again she patiently said “no” but there is nothing illegal about a MLM or Network Marketing company.
She told me that you don’t have to refer anyone to make money, but if you do happen to refer someone, you can earn some referral money too on top of your regular earnings!
Okay, feeling a little better, I wanted to know more….
Deb told me that she did her own little “test” last week.  To test it out, She just threw in $50 last Friday, and one week later her earnings put her over the $100 mark – NO RECRUITING, NO FUSSING!
So, feeling confident and feeling like it was not a ripoff, I decided to throw in $276 yesterday afternoon (Sept 21st, 2012) and 24 hours later I have an over $20 profit with also NO RECRUITING, NO FUSSING EITHER!  I have included my back-office screenshots (attached bottom) just to show you it is not a ponzi or a scam and that I was not ripped-off either!
We thought you would want to know more about WCA (World Consumer Alliance), and maybe even get involved or tell someone who may want to earn a little extra cash – especially if they “hate” MLM too and they “hate” telling people about “stuff”…. LOL!!!
Here is my direct link to the site for you to check:  http://www.wcarev.com/?888lucky
~ Eric

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9 thoughts on “Okay – Have you heard about WCA (World Consumer Alliance)? Is it a SCAM too? Is it MLM?

  1. I invested some money, but after few days my acc show ‘zero’ balance.
    Wrote to support but no response after 24hrs.
    Finally I have to c/back my Payza….

    • Hi Union Boy,
      I’m not a member of their management, just a “user” like you. I have not had your problem, but WCA did send out a general notice earlier this week advising everyone that they will be upgrading their servers and payment systems and they did warn us in advance that “weird” things may show up, and to be patient during their transition to the new payment system and servers.
      ~ Eric

  2. is it really worth to try? i mean i have my own business and hate marketing stuff, but it seems like not a scam, let me know what you guys think about it. thanks in advance

    • I have my original “investment” in it, and have not come close to reclaiming it. Personally I cannot recommend WCA at this time. They are supposedly working on some new improvements and products, and my friend that is on the “inside” (that is all I can say) tells me there are some new features/products coming soon that will really make it much better. So, as my dad would tell me as a kid, “hide and watch”… 🙂

  3. I gave them $300, and the first couple of weeks earned about $2 a day. That was back in October 2012. After that and the major claims of the new Field of Dreams, and earning a total of $44, which I put back in, I earned about $2 a week. Its now February, and there has been absolutely no movement for the last 2 weeks. DO NOT PUT MONEY INTO THIS, ITS A MAJOR SCAM. I keep searching for class action law suits… I would LOVE to be a part of taking these people down!

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