Please note that I am not associated with this organization, and I have not contributed money to their campaign.  However, I do agree with the graphic they probided below – it appears that although there were “good intentions” to make California Consumers more aware about Genetically Engineered / Enhanced Foods we eat.

This Proposition 37 just misses the mark and appears to open a flood gate for “slip-n-fall” Attorneys to make $Millions with lawsuits!  That will ONLY benefit “slip-n-fall” Attorneys and achieve nothing for us consumers except for higher food prices!

~ Eric

Prop 37 is not a simple measure. It will result in shakedown lawsuits, it exempts huge categories of foods, and it will increase bureaucracy, red tape and taxpayer costs – without providing any health or safety benefits.


Proposition 37, an initiative aimed for California’s November 2012 ballot, would:

-Not hold imported foods to the same labeling standards that California farmers are held to, making it seem like a healthier option to buy unlabeled, imported foods. Taxpayers, grocers and consumers would be burdened with the cost if the California government was to consistently and properly regulate imports.

would allow attorneys to bring lawsuits against grocers, farmers and retailers without having proof of a violation – which in turn would cost those local farmers thousands in legal fees.

-Labeling would not apply to alcohol, meat, poultry or dairy nor would restaurants be required to identify GMO foods on their menus.

Find out why a growing coalition of family farmers, grocers, food companies, small businesses and others has come together to oppose this measure.


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