Definition of Irony – Life on Mars vs. Life on Earth – You Decide!

It is my own personal opinion that abortions should be considered only as a serious “last-resort” procedure for a girl / woman and absolutely not be made “illegal”!   However, girls and women need to not use it as a primary form of “birth control” and men need to be just as responsible with using condoms and other measures of birth control. 

Adoption should always be considered as a legitimate option to abortion whenever possible.  Lastly, I don’t believe the U.S. Government should pay for Abortions as there are plenty of people who see this as a violation of their Religion (not just for Catholics and Christians), but, the U.S. Government should tolerate it by keeping it legal, if for no other reason than to keep those “dark roomed – back ally” clinics from reappearing that were prevalent before Roe vs. Wade!  

All that being said, what compelled me to post the below is the pointing out of hypocrisy by supporters of Abortion.  On the other side of that coin are the Conservatives who continuously say we need “less government” and to “get government out of our lives” but then are all to happy to try to “ban abortion”….  Now, who isn’t confused now!!!  This issue was settled nearly 40 years ago in 1973…  Can we please finally just move on?   ~ Eric

Now this is the definition of Irony…  It appears to Liberals life is more sacred on other planets…because..  If a one cell organism was found on Mars by scientists Liberals would proclaim this life…  But an unborn child who can survive outside the womb is not considered life by the pro-abortion crowd. Ironic… and extremely SAD.

Click like & Comment if you think Liberals are HUGE HYPOCRITES because they would revel and call it life if a one cell organism was found on Mars, but an unborn child to them is not consider “life”, but something that is expendable by the pro-abortion crowd.

Originally found on: The Liberty and Freedom Foundation Facebook Page ( LINK =  )


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