Sale! Exclusive 25% off on 26 Bars & a Band! Products Now at PetSmart!

Okay, so I needed to get a new leash for our two Jack Russel Terriers (Gigi & Rudy) and I found an awesome deal with PetSmart Online! 

Now, honestly I have been purchasing from PetSmart both in our local retail store here in Union City as well as online – and often times their online store CRUSHES the pricing at their retail stores!!! 

I noticed that PetSmart is now doing really well and also will be trading on the S&P 500 as of October 4, 2012!  Congrats on their management building up this company to such a strong force in the market place. 

No doubt this is due in part to these awesome online deals they are now providing us with and their partnership with the marketing genius Martha Stewart and her new line: “Martha Stewart Pets“.  Keep it up – let us keep saving money on our little doggies and kitties!!! 

I really don’t know why their online store “steals” business from their local retail outlets – but, heck I don’t really care!  Why pay more – right?  🙂

~ Eric

P.S. Below are the links for this amazing sale – so if you need new Dog Leashes – I hope you will use these links, and yes, I’ll get a few pennies for the referral, but I’m certainly not going to get “rich” off you…  🙂


Online Exclusive: Save 25% On 26 Bars & a Band!

Exclusively online only! Save 25% on all 26 Bars & a Band products + $4.99 Shipping on $49+ at! is excited to announce this exclusive, online only opportunity for your shoppers to save 25% on all 26 Bars & a Band products.

  • Save 25% on all 26 Bars & a Band products
  • $4.99 Shipping on $49+ at!

Not familiar with 26 Bars & a Band? Their modern pet accessories collection has won numerous awards and appeared in Elle magazine, Real Simple, and on the Today Show. Their collection includes the Avant Garde retractable leashes and matching harnesses as well as official Paul Frank pet products amongst other cool gear.

I have provided images (and links) to these online only, exclusive promotions below.

Crosswords Retractable Dog Leash

Paul Frank Signature Julius Dog Bed

Keep Calm Retractable Dog Leash

Somewhere Up There Dog Harness

Paul Frank Signature Julius Dog Collar

26 Bars & a Band Couture Princess Retractable Dog Leash

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