Seven awesome, unusual DIY USB flash drives

I found this today on C|NET and just loved it.  You know how many “useless” thumb drives I have from trade shows and other promo venues that I don’t really use because I don’t like their artwork, etc.

Well, this looked like the perfect way to use them, and make them a conversation piece at work!  I hope you like it, link to the full article is at the bottom, but please be sure to comment here and let me know if you liked it.

~ Eric

Whether you use them in your everyday work flow, or dust them off on occasion, flash drives are perhaps one of the handiest, most underrated gadgets out there. Despite the cloud storage trend, many of us still rely on these doodads when we need to transfer data in a pinch.

(Photo Credit: Sharon Vaknin via Diptic for iPad )

And thanks to the InterWebs, there’s a seemingly endless variety of unique flash drives to match your equally special personality.

But, what’s better than forking over $20 to $30 on a low-capacity, overpriced flash drive? Making your own on the cheap. After sifting through the Web for DIYs, here are seven of the most… CONTINUE READING ON C|NET

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