The “Frankenstein Child” from the Marriage of your Smartphone and your Desktop!!!

What the heck…  The Frankenstein child?
by: Eric

UBUNTU-for-AndroidOkay, maybe that is a little dramatic, but if you don’t know about UBUNTU and their recent ideas of merging your Android smartphone and your desktop in to a single portable device that would be your true “all in one” solution.

Think about it…  How awesome would it be to always have everything you need from a computer always with you?  Just to be clear, I have been using UBUNTU on my personal “older” computers for a while, since version 8.x!  I have seen the operating system grow and get better with each release! 

One thing I really like about UBUNTU is that it is simple and easy to use like both Mac OSX or Windows (eh-hem, cough cough!).  It is also built on UNIX – just like Mac OS, therefore it is much more secure and safe and not nearly as vulnerable to virus attacks like your Windows machine.  I am a former user of Windows Mobile 6.x and frankly would rather have my fingernails pulled out than go back to Windows Mobile. 

This solution posed by UBUNTU may just fit the bill. 

I am a current user of an iPhone 4 and could say honestly that if a major manufacturer like HTC or Samsung were to partner with UBUNTU to bring this solution to market, I would probably leave the iOS atmosphere and move over to this solution, rather than upgrade to the new “latest and greatest” iPhone 5 which is literally a “joke” when you compare it with the potential of this UBUNTU and Android “marriage”.


Ubuntu for Android gives mobile workers a compelling reason to upgrade to multi-core handsets with more RAM, more storage, faster GPUs and CPUs. It’s not just a phone they are buying, it’s a desktop too. While mid-range phones can deliver a perfect Android experience, it takes high-end horsepower to drive a phone and a desktop at the same time. Newer multi-core processors are up to the job, and Ubuntu is the killer app for that hot hardware. It’s the must-have feature for late-2012 high-end Android phones.

A built-in desktop is also a driver of LTE, which offers higher bandwidth for productivity apps and lower latency for business users. Cloud apps like Google Docs are best used with a full desktop, and shine with LTE. The phone has traditionally been a slower, less productive tool. When you’re at a desktop, you want to get things done, quickly. So you appreciate the difference between 3G and 4G. Adding a desktop to the phone justifies the extra cost of newer network technologies for business customers.

To learn more, visit UBUNTU here:


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