On Dec 21, 2012 – Mayan Predition – The Sun will Never Actually “Eclipse” our Galaxy’s True Center

Eric’s 2-Cents:

Well, since today is Wednesday December 19th, that can only mean one other thing other than it being “hump day” it is just 2 more days before the Mayan Prediction comes “true” and our World “ends”!!!

CREDIT:  Sonoma.edu

CREDIT: Sonoma.edu

In light of all the funny hysteria out there, the suicides, the birds falling from the sky, cows walking in reverse-circles, and the Aliens (and American Politicians) getting in their shiny silver UFOs and going back to the Dark Side of the Moon listening to the Pink Floyd rendition just to be “clever”!

The rest of us sheeple get to sit here on mother Earth and wait for our eventual “end”….  Or Do We???!!!  According to NASA, as if we can “trust” them – we are not going to “end” on Friday, December 21, 2012. 

Now, I know you are thinking “awe shucks Wallie” yea, I felt that way too, I was just so ready in my young prime of life to be “extinguished” like the cockroach I am!!! 

But, if you insist on feeding on NASA’s propaganda of how the World “Won’t End” then read on Earthling!!!

~ Eric


It’s almost a sidelight that the winter-solstice sun will never actually “eclipse” the galaxy’s true center, the point like radio source marking the Milky Way’s central black hole. Moreover, the winter-solstice sun won’t even pass closest to it on the sky for another 200 years. What did the Maya themselves think about End Times? There is no evidence that they saw the calendar and a world age ending in either transcendence or catastrophe on December 21, 2012. Some Maya Long Count texts refer to dates many baktuns past 13 and even into the next pictun and beyond. For instance, an inscription commissioned in the 7th century A.D. by King Pacal of Palenque predicts that an anniversary of his accession would be commemorated on Oct. 15, 4772.

In all of the Long Count texts discovered, transcribed, and translated, only one mentions the key date in 2012: Monument 6 at Tortuguero, a Maya site in the Mexican state of Tabasco. The text is damaged, but what remains does not imply the end of time.

TO CONTINUE READING:  http://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/2012-guest.html


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