Just registered for Bandcamp.com


Okay, so why in the world would I sign up for a website called “Bandcamp” – especially when I’m not a musician and certainly not in a Band?

Good question………

I’m thinking about it……..

Well, they have a classification section for “Spoken Word”, and they have a tool for easy integration in to WordPress, which is how I learned about this in the first place was through today’s WordPress Developer’s weekly newsletter.

I’ve seen many websites that have nice audio / music player integration, so I thought, why not give Bandcamp.com a try?

Furthermore, if I decide in the future to monitize my audio, they have it all taken care of with simple integration with PayPal…. So, how can it get any easier or better?! 🙂

Have a GREAT day!

~ Eric

P.S. I know, the funny thing is that this post was to tout “bandcamp”, but I don’t have audio in the format they require, and they don’t have an App to record, and I don’t feel like pulling out my Studio Microphone… So, even though it was intended to be a test for bandcamp – I’m using the audio to test Soundcloud integration in to WordPress! LOL!


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