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ubuntu - edge -concepts-3-largeWell, I guess I was ahead of the curve, as I posted their fundraising widget on the right column 2 days ago!  I’m sure I will not win their contest, as this site does not currently get enough UBUNTU relevant traffic – but even if I help just one person find the promise land of this awesome product, I know I have done my job!  Below is there official Contest announcement.  Please share, contribute and be awesome!  🙂

HERE IS MY INDIEGOGO LINK: http://igg.me/at/ubuntuedge/x/4035682

Hi everyone,

So many of you have been busy spreading the word that we’ve passed the $6 million mark already. To keep that momentum going, we want to give you a special incentive.

Welcome to the Ubuntu Edge Referral Contest!

Whether you’ve contributed $20 or $2,000, you all have the chance to win something extra special: a personalised Ubuntu Edge phone engraved with your name.

Of course, for this prize to exist the campaign has to hit its target, so here’s what we want you to do.


1) Make sure you’re logged in to Indiegogo.

2) Get your unique “Share This Campaign” link from the Ubuntu Edge page (just below the video), and share it via social media, email or any other method you can think of. Click the Embed and Email buttons for simple instructions to add an Ubuntu Edge widget to your website or email signature.

3) Every time someone clicks your link or widget and then contributes money to the campaign, you’ve made a successful referral.


You have one week. The person who drives the most money in referral contributions between now and 4.00pm BST on Friday 2 August will win this great prize. (Prize is conditional on the Ubuntu Edge being fully funded.)

Every extra backer takes us closer to our goal, and by taking part you’ll be playing a vital role in getting the Ubuntu Edge made.

Thanks and good luck!
The Ubuntu Edge team

HERE IS MY INDIEGOGO LINK: http://igg.me/at/ubuntuedge/x/4035682


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