LQMT – Today I took my cost + profit, and have 1000 left over for a pure profit play!

Monday, August 5th I took my original cost, plus a nice little profit and I’m holding 1,000 shares of LQMT

LQMT_Aug-5-2013Okay, the Earnings for LQMT comes out Tuesday August 6th, and my earnings so far have been really nice, so I decided to “hedge” myself by selling 6,100 shares of LQMT, leaving me with just 1,000 shares, which I intend to sell after the earning announcement call.

Since I’m not an “insider” I have no idea what they will say, it looks to me like most people are thinking it will be very positive, but I don’t like to lose money, so right now, I have removed my financial risk and took a very small profit today, so, even in theory if the remaining shares of LQMT went to $0 – I’m still profitable!

I don’t know if that makes any sense to you, but it does to me – therefore I chose to hold just 1,000 shares, which as close of today I’m at $190.00 Market Value profit over what I already have gained!

~ Eric


Like I said in my earlier post, I am going on what I have learned from Jason Bond’s Small Cap Trading Techniques.

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