Let’s Talk About my new site: MobileHandDevices.com

For my friends who have enjoyed reading, and decided to follow, my technological posts on ERIC.fm I have created a new website, and I call it: MobileHandDevices.com


Mobile Hand Devices ( dubbed [mhd] ) website has a very professionally laid out design for ease of use and reading.

I hope that you will find that [mhd] can become your Daily Quick Update for News and Opinions on Handheld Devices!

The Facebook Banner for MobileHandDevices.com

The Facebook Banner for MobileHandDevices.com
Click it! The banner image takes you directly to the [mhd] Facebook Page

The posts on [mhd]  cover many topics based on the iPhone, or an Android device, portable game devices, cameras and even wearables like the Jawbone UP, or my use of the NIKE GPS+ iOS app.

I’ve even hired a freelance writer, Rich Ballentine, who does a great job of giving you quick, personal opinion reviews on hand held mobile device topics.  Rich keeps his tone “first person” hip and friendly!

Currently I’m also interviewing other freelance writers.  I have to admit my primary focus is to find a “Tech Savvy” chick who has a great (and affordable) writing style to give a woman’s touch and perspective to the [mhd] website.  So, you’ll want to keep your eyes open for this, and other great future changes as well.

And speaking of changes, I’m still tweaking the menu navigation hierarchy, so if you have any suggestions for making that easier to use, please let me know.

Any feedback or ideas and your suggestions would be greatly appreciated, so don’t hesitate to send me a note.

Getting web traffic and being Social with it

On a closing note, if you don’t mind, could you bookmark “favorite” (usually by clicking [Ctrl]+[B] ) mobilehanddevices.com?

Here are the Social Links (click an icon) for MobileHandDevices.com

And while I’m on my knees begging, and since you have cared enough to read this far…

Would you mind dropping by [mhd] every day or so, and read a few of the articles?  And, if you like one or two of them, would you mind socially sharing them for me?

Thanks friend!  🙂


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