Ever Relax In Cancun?

Today’s ERIC acronym is…

Ever Relax In Cancun?

Vista de la Playa El Mirador en Cancun

Vista de la Playa El Mirador en Cancun (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Romantic Things to do in Cancun

Whether you are in Cancun for your wedding, honey moon, anniversary or just want to spend some time with that special someone there are plenty of activities to please you. Take a horseback riding tour across the beach or watch the sunset from a boat cruise. Another good romantic activity is to rent a car and drive to a secluded beach.

Cultural and Ecological Activities in Cancun

You can take a side trip to see the Mayan Ruins such as Chichen Itza and Tulum. The Mayan encounter is a tour to Coba and the perfect way to immerse yourself into the history and the culture of the region. Visit the ruins of Coba, witness a Mayan ball game and enjoy a traditional Yucatecan meal. Downtown Cancun has many cultural attractions like the art museums or ballet. Birdwatching on Isla Contoy is good activity to explore Cancun’s wildlife. Another great Cancun activity for those looking for nature is visiting the eco-parks like Xcaret and Xel-ha.

Cancun Adventure Activities

Aquaworld ParasailingThe adventure activity enthusiast will enjoy parasailing over the blue waters of the Caribbean or getting to explore the sea life from the bottom up with many of Cancun’s scuba diving activities. Taking a zip lining tour through the canopies of Cancun’s jungle can give you the thrill of a lifetime.

Cancun Relaxation Activities

Just because Cancun has a busy nightlife, doesn’t mean you won’t have time to relax. There are many relaxing activities in Cancun from spending a day at the spa, or suntanning on the beach. Spend time strolling the malls in Cancun or taking a side-trip to a secluded island.

See you again soon!

~ Eric


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