Eliminating Rubbish In Society

Today’s ERIC acronym is…

Eliminating Rubbish In Society

English: "Rubbish Castle", a buildin...

English: “Rubbish Castle”, a building in Ube, Yamaguchi, Japan, constructed entirely out of garbage and bound loosely together with crude bindings. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I found this somewhat related article which interesting, they use rubbish and make cool stuff out of it, thereby eliminating rubbish in our society!

Eliminating Garbage: 40 Tons in 46 Visits

Making great progress, this week GVZR celebrated its Best Day Yet in our newest location, Historic Bodh Gaya, India.  On Sunday, May 12 we welcomed 67 villagers, bringing us 484 kg (1,066 lbs) garbage.  To date, after our first 4 visits we’ve welcomed a total of 201 participants, bringing us 1,592 kg (3,502 lbs) of garbage, in the process earning for themselves Rs. 6,390 ($110.17).  Our collection center is just a short walk from the great Mahabodhi Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, marking the site where the Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment. We are excited to replicate our proven success in Bodh Gaya, and are delighted for the strong support of the Bodh Gaya City Council, business leaders, and the elementary school.

Our 4th Student Essay Competition is coming soon to the Bodh Gaya Elementary School, on the following topic: “The Environment is My Friend: What Can I do at My Home and School to Save and Protect It?”  Students may write in Hindi or English. Winners from both categories will receive small prizes, and will read their submission to the All-School Assembly to be held in June.  Every student who submits an essay will receive a small participation gift.

iPad Covers, Purses, Satchels, Baskets, Artwork, and even Clothing all woven from recycled plastic bags in our village workshop. See photos here and on Facebook. If you like what you see, and wish you could have one for yourself or give one as a gift, now you… READ MORE

See you again soon!

~ Eric


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