Can Infared Light Charge Your Mobile Device? Yes!

I currently work for a Manufacturer of Gas Ion Lasers which are used by Universities and Governments for research – when I saw this, I had to to wonder, how will this work?

From our Argon Gas Ion laser, a 647.1 nm infrared wavelength will deliver 1 watt of power from our 5 watt laser – so, about 20% efficiency.  In the article they are talking about delivering 10 watts – which I believe would be easily obtained for many of these new solid state and fiber lasers.

~ Eric

Here is the article

New tech will charge multiple devices in a room, via transmitters that will one day hide in your light fixtures.

CREDIT:  James Martin/CNET

CREDIT: James Martin/CNET

In a few years, charging your device wirelessly will be as simple as doing nothing at all. That’s if wireless charging startup Wi-Charge gets its way.

The company envisions transmitters fitted into light fixtures and smoke detectors that beam infrared light to automatically top up devices within a room — say, a coffee shop or your home, or even an airport waiting lounge.

Wi-Charge’s system makes use of a ceiling-mounted transmitter to convert energy into infrared light, beam that light across an approximately 500-foot area and capture it in a receiver on or inside the electronic device, where it converts from light into energy once again.

If a device maker doesn’t integrate the infrared receiver directly into the smartphone or wireless speaker or keyboard, it could also easily… (Finish at CNET)


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