You will spend more on 2014 Taxes than on your Food, Clothing and Housing – COMBINED!

Info Courtesy of the Deductr Newsletter (LINK)

Ever heard of Tax Freedom Day?

It’s the day of the year when the nation as a whole has earned enough money to pay its total annual tax bill.

The day is currently April 21st, but it has historically never been this late in the year.

In 1917, it was January 24th; World War I tax increases pushed the date out to February 8th in 1918, and then to February 22 in 1921.

In the 1920s, when Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes described taxes as the price of civilized society, Tax Freedom Day was arriving in February.

a51bf2aa-3937-4818-9f0b-fccfd11285d7[1]Now that “Tax Freedom Day” falls in late April, how civilized our society must be!

So, in my opinion, the next time your favorite Politician (Democrat or Republican) stands up and tells you that we “need to raise taxes” – maybe we should start asking them to PROVE WHY WE NEED TO!

When is enough…. ENOUGH?!!!

~ Eric




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