BBC Should Fire Tony Hall – after Firing Jeremy Clarkson? Here is why…

Even a 1st year film student would know how egregiously this video was “framed” – Mr Tony Hall (or in the UK he is referred to as “Lord Hall” would have reviewed this video before allowing for its broadcast.

What is wrong with this screen-shot of the official BBC video?


Even an amateur film enthusiast probably has guessed the 2 primary “violations”:


#1 – The painting/portrait of a man’s “cock” was framed next to Tony Halls head – delivering a potential subliminal message about Mr. Hall.

#2 – The “post out of the head” effect which is never to be done by a video professional – especially when the camera can be alligned slightly to the left to avoid this.

Below is a link to the video on YouTube.  I will note that this video does seem to have been removed from the BBC News website.

So, what do you think, do you think Tony Hall should be removed as the director of the BBC for allowing such rubbish video work to be released and distributed as the official video for Jeremy Clarkson’s termination?

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~ Eric



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